Geographic Dispersion of Federal Funds in Georgia and Its Major Urban Regions

The ratio of federal spending to gross state product was 22 percent in Georgia in fiscal year 2010; however, the relative reliance on federal funds varies widely across the state.  As the federal government cuts the budget, understanding the different economic impact of federal funds across the state can help policy-makers anticipate and adapt to the changing environment.

In a new October brief (FRC brief number 264) from Georgia State University’s Fiscal Research Center, Senior Research Associate, Peter Bluestone examines the level and geographic distribution of federal spending across the state by major federal programs such as Social Security or Defense spending.

The major urban regions across the state vary in the relative size of federal spending received as compared to gross regional product.  For example, the chart below shows the relatively high dependence of Columbus and Savannah on federal funding.  For the Full Brief, click here.