Scafidi’s Hasty Conclusions about FRC Report on the Education Scholarship Tax Credit

By Robert Buschman and David L. Sjoquist

In his December 12 GPPF blog postwith Georgia GOAL’s Jim Kelly and his more detailed comments linked there, Ben Scafidi accuses us of “outright errors, implausible assumptions and a lack of balance” in our recent report on the fiscal effects of Georgia’s Qualified Education Tax… more »

The State and Local Government Workforce: Trends and Patterns in Georgia, the South, and the United States

In this report, CSLF experts Gregory Lewis and Rahul Pathak compare state and local governments (SLGs) workforce patterns in Georgia, the region, and U.S. Lewis and Pathak find that Georgia’s governmental workforce faces one of the largest public-private pay disparities in the country. The report goes on to explore pay differentials by… more »

CSLF Faculty Katherine Willoughby just released 2 publications

Public Budgeting in Context: Structure, Law, Reform and Results

This book examines budgeting at all levels of U.S. government and includes public budgeting structure, process, legal framework and policy with examples from industrialized and developing countries.

Sustaining the States: The Fiscal Viability of American State Governments

Co-edited with Marilyn Marks… more »