Saporta Report: CSLF Releases In-Depth Study on Tax Allocation Districts

Posted On January 27, 2016
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Saporta Report’s David Pendered wrote an article on the Center for State and Local Finance’s latest research on  tax allocation districts in the United States, Georgia and Atlanta.

Specifically, the report outlines the effects of the Great Recession, which took place 2007-2009. A considerable portion of the report focuses on Atlanta’s… more »

WABE: Georgia Budget has ‘Wiggle Room’

Posted On January 27, 2016
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In a WABE piece on Georgia’s 2016 legislative session, Carolyn Bourdeaux, director of the Center for State and Local Finance, is interviewed on her assessment of the budget outlook.

“I think things are, at long last, looking pretty good,” Bourdeaux was quoted as saying. “The state has been through a really long, tough period.”

To… more »

Positive Growth Expected for Atlanta’s Tax Allocation Districts, But Redevelopment Concerns Remain

ATLANTA — Revenues from Atlanta’s 10 tax allocation districts (TADs), districts where incremental growth in property tax revenues is used to finance economic development projects, are expected to be up significantly in the current tax year, according to a new Georgia State University report.

The report finds Atlanta’s TADs are expected to post… more »

Georgia Budget Outlook: Long Road Ahead, but There’s Room for Optimism

(This article was first published by Georgia Fiscal Management Council for its January newsletter.)

Georgia’s state budget has been through a long, tough period during and after the Great Recession. The good news is that this year it’s looking like the state is finally going to have some breathing room. That being… more »