Fundamental Tax Reform in Georgia Fizzles Out, Flourishes in Contrasting Models

During the 2015 Georgia legislative session, several bills were introduced including the “More Take Home Pay Act of 2015,” which would have lowered state income tax rates, raised the sales tax rate and broadened the sales tax base. For many years, policymakers in Georgia have shown considerable interest in tax reform that would reduce… more »

Hanging in the Balance: The Growing Risks of Unfunded Pensions

The global financial crisis brought investment risk to the forefront of the minds of state and local government officials as well as pensioners whose retirement income hung in the balance. Already struggling with the monumental issue of an aging population, many state’s and city’s pension fund shortfalls were further stressed by the impact of the… more »

Sjoquist’s Report on Manufacturing Jobs, Wages Makes Headlines

Posted On August 10, 2016
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David Sjoquist’s August 2016 report, “Employment and Wage Trends in Manufacturing,” received the attention of several Georgia news outlets.

In the report, Sjoquist details declining manufacturing jobs across Georgia and the nation, and he suggests that there will be an even bigger decline by 2035 if important policy interventions are not made.

News coverage… more »