Budget and Financial Management

Snapshot: Georgia’s Medicaid Enrollment and Spending

Medicaid is a highly utilized joint state and federal program that provides health care to millions of Georgians. Currently, eligibility for Medicaid is determined by need, and federal funds are tied to reimbursement rates for health care costs associated with eligible individuals. Currently, there are several policy proposals to cap federal Medicaid spending either through… more »

Hanging in the Balance: The Growing Risks of Unfunded Pensions

The global financial crisis brought investment risk to the forefront of the minds of state and local government officials as well as pensioners whose retirement income hung in the balance. Already struggling with the monumental issue of an aging population, many state’s and city’s pension fund shortfalls were further stressed by the impact of the… more »

Georgia Budget Outlook: Long Road Ahead, but There’s Room for Optimism

(This article was first published by Georgia Fiscal Management Council for its January newsletter.)

Georgia’s state budget has been through a long, tough period during and after the Great Recession. The good news is that this year it’s looking like the state is finally going to have some breathing room. That being… more »

Geographic Dispersion of Federal Funds in Georgia and Its Major Urban Regions

The ratio of federal spending to gross state product was 22 percent in Georgia in fiscal year 2010; however, the relative reliance on federal funds varies widely across the state.  As the federal government cuts the budget, understanding the different economic impact of federal funds across the state can help policy-makers anticipate and adapt to… more »