Georgia Budget Outlook: Long Road Ahead, but There’s Room for Optimism

(This article was first published by Georgia Fiscal Management Council for its January newsletter.)

Georgia’s state budget has been through a long, tough period during and after the Great Recession. The good news is that this year it’s looking like the state is finally going to have some breathing room. That being… more »

Increasing Tax Digests Could Help Some Large Georgia School Districts

Georgia’s statewide per student property tax digest has been declining since the Great Recession, affecting school districts’ revenues and, thus, their budgets. Finally, after five straight years of declines, the statewide per student property tax digest is growing – a 1.6 percent increase between fiscal years 2014 and 2015.

The recent growth in the statewide… more »

Wither the State Sales Tax?

As hard hit as Georgia was by the Great Recession of 2007–09, the state’s economy was much larger in fiscal 2014 than in 2001. Georgia’s state gross domestic product (GDP) is up more than 14 percent over that time, adjusted for inflation, while real personal income is up more than 24 percent. Yet over that… more »

Georgia’s Constitution Restricts Non-Tax Economic Development Incentives, But Does it Matter?

Supporting business retention and recruitment is the primary goal for state and local economic development policy in the United States. Although there are many policies available for this purpose, economic development incentives are an often used and controversial tool. The typical economic development incentive package is comprised of both tax and non-tax incentives. The non-tax… more »

Scafidi’s Hasty Conclusions about FRC Report on the Education Scholarship Tax Credit

By Robert Buschman and David L. Sjoquist

In his December 12 GPPF blog postwith Georgia GOAL’s Jim Kelly and his more detailed comments linked there, Ben Scafidi accuses us of “outright errors, implausible assumptions and a lack of balance” in our recent report on the fiscal effects of Georgia’s Qualified Education Tax… more »