Applying the Sales Tax to Services: Revenue Estimates

Posted On March 22, 2011

FRC Brief 227, March 22, 2011, Peter BluestoneThe state revenue estimates presented in this brief are updates of estimates presented in an earlier Fiscal Research Center report by Matthews, Sjoquist, and Winters (“Revenue Estimates for Eliminating Sales Tax Exemptions and Adding Services to the Sales Tax Base” [FRC Report #170]), which added services to the… more »

Estimated Change in Tax Liability of Tax Reform Council’s Proposals

Posted On March 22, 2011

FRC Brief 229, March 22, 2011, David L. Sjoquist, Sally Wallace, Laura A. Wheeler, et al.This brief presents the estimated change in tax liability for the changes proposed by the Tax Reform Council under the assumption that the recommendations are fully implemented as proposed in the Final Report of the Tax Reform Council.