Georgia’s Post Great Recession Revenue Recovery

Posted On September 25, 2014

CSLF Brief, Publication No. 3, September 25, 2014, James Alm, David Sjoquist The “Great Recession” wreaked havoc on the revenues of state and local government, including Georgia’s. Although the U.S. economy has improved since the end of the Great Recession, state government revenues have in most cases still not completely recovered. In this brief, we… more »

The State and Local Government Workforce: Trends and Patterns in Georgia, the South, and the United States

Posted On September 24, 2014

CSLF Report, Publication No. 2, September 24, 2014, Gregory B. Lewis and Rahul Pathak This report compares state and local governments (SLGs) workforce patterns in Georgia, the region and U.S. CSLF experts find that Georgia’s governmental workforce faces one of the largest public-private pay disparities in the country. The report goes on to explore pay… more »