Georgia’s Rankings Among the States: Budget, Taxes and Other Indicators (2017)

Posted On January 12, 2017

FRC Report, Publication No. 291. Jan. 12, 2017, Robert Buschman and Wesley Jones  This annual publication is a collection of metrics and state rankings that compare Georgia to other states. Several comparisons focus on total state or local government revenue and expenditures, but the guide also includes measures that compare either expenditures or state characteristics within specific functional… more »

Georgia’s Budget: The Big Picture (Updated January 2017)

Posted On November 15, 2016

CSLF Presentation, Jan. 18, 2017, Carolyn Bourdeaux This briefing gives a high-level overview of the Georgia budget, looking at fiscal years 2017 and 2018. The presentation addresses structural revenue dilemmas, current economic constraints, areas of concern in the state’s expenditures, as well as key topics: K-12 education, higher education, Medicaid and transportation. (Note: The attached version updates… more »