Economic Impact of Head Start in Georgia

Posted On November 21, 2017

CSLF Brief, Publication No. 36, Nov. 21, 2017, Nicholas Warner For more than 50 years, the federal Head Start program has produced short- and long-term economic impacts in the state of Georgia, serving approximately 1 million Georgians since its inception. This brief highlights the short-term impacts, including the increased access to early education in rural… more »

Georgia’s Equalization Grant

Posted On May 23, 2017

CSLF Report, Publication No. 35. May 23, 2017, Nicholas Warner This report looks at Georgia’s Equalization Grant, which was introduced as part of the Quality Basic Education Act in 1985 and first funded in 1987. It examines the basics of the grant calculation, as well as discusses the grant’s ability to close the funding gap… more »

The Effect of Start-up Charter Schools on Nearby Property Values

Posted On May 17, 2017

CSLF Report, Publication No. 34. May 5, 2017, Peter Bluestone, David Sjoquist and Nick Warner This is the second in a three-part series of studies commissioned by the State Charter Schools Commission and performed by the Center for State and Local Finance that analyze the economic impact of start-up charter schools on the communities they… more »

Georgia’s Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax for Education: Review of Trends and Policy Implications

Posted On February 7, 2017

CSLF Report, Publication No. 31. Feb. 7, 2017, Ross Rubenstein and Nick Warner ESPLOST, or special purpose local option sales tax for education, provides a unique way for districts to substitute current revenues (via a penny sales tax) for debt financing. The authors examine this funding tool in school districts throughout Georgia, outlining trends and… more »

Post-Recession School District Property Tax Revenues in Georgia

Posted On December 15, 2015

CSLF Report, Publication No. 21, Dec. 15, 2015, Nicholas Warner Although median home values began growing in FY 2013, school districts have just begun feeling the positive effects: The statewide per student property tax digest increased by 1.6 percent in FY 2015. This growth comes after five consecutive years of declines. This brief provides an update to “The… more »

Financing Georgia’s Schools

Posted On October 20, 2015

CSLF Report, Publication No. 19, Oct. 20, 2015, Elton Davis and Isabel Ruthotto This report begins with a review of Georgia’s traditional K-12 public school system structure, including the legal framework, local system organization, and an overview of funding sources. Then, state, local and federal sources used to finance K-12 education are explained. Charter school funding is… more »

Georgia’s Tax Credit Scholarship Program

Posted On January 9, 2015

FRC Report, Publication No. 268, November 2014, Robert Buschman, David Sjoquist This report examines the cost of the tax credit relative to the savings to state and local governments when students enroll in private rather than public schools.