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Martin Grace

James S. Kemper Professor of Risk Management, Interim Chair, and Professor of Legal Studies

Ph.D., University of Florida
J.D., University of Florida
M.A., University of Florida
B.A., University of New Hampshire

Martin F. Grace is associate director and research associate of the Center for Risk Management and Insurance Research. Dr. Grace’s research has been published in various journals in economics and insurance concerning the economics and public policy aspects of insurance regulation and taxation. In particular, Dr. Grace has undertaken various studies of the efficiency of insurance firms, insurance taxation, optimal regulation of insurance in a federal system, and solvency regulation.

Dr. Grace is a former president of the Risk Theory Society, and he is a current associate editor of the<em> Journal of Risk and Insurance</em>.

Grace’s areas of interest include insurer solvency, regulation and taxation. He has provided advice and research to the World Bank and to members of the European Parliament on the U.S. insurance industry. His articles have appeared in numerous economic and insurance related academic journals.

Dr. Grace earned both a Ph.D. in economics and a J.D. from the University of Florida in 1987. He joined the faculty of the Department of Risk Management and Insurance as an assistant professor of legal studies in the fall of 1987. In 1993 Dr. Grace was promoted to associate professor with appointments in both Legal Studies and Risk Management and Insurance. In 1998 Dr. Grace was promoted to Professor of Legal Studies and Risk Management and Insurance, and in 2002 Professor Grace was named the James S. Kemper Professor of Risk Management.

  • “Regulatory Solvency Prediction in Property-Liability Insurance: Risk Based Capital, Audit Ratios, and Cash Flow Simulation Models” with J. David Cummins and Richard Phillips, Journal of Risk and Insurance 66(3): 417-458.
  • Grace, Martin F., Klein, Robert W., Kleindorfer, Paul R. and Michael R. Murray, Regulation, Pricing and Demand in Catastrophe Insurance Markets, (Kluwer Academic Press: Boston) 2003.
  • Grace, Martin F., Scott Harrington, and Robert W. Klein, “Risk-Based Capital and Solvency Screening in Property-Liability Insurance: Hypothesis and Empirical Tests.” Journal of Risk and Insurance 65 (June 1998): 213-243.
  • Grace, Martin F., Scott Harrington, and Robert W. Klein, “Identifying Troubled Life Insurers: An Analysis of the NAIC FAST System.” Journal of Insurance Regulation 16, no. 3 (Spring 1998): 249-290.
  • Grace, Martin F., Robert W. Klein and Detmar Straub, “E-Commerce in the Insurance Industry: Issues and Opportunities.” In Se-Com: Secure Electronic Commerce. San Francisco, CA: Montgomery Research Inc. (1998): 306-310.