Education Finance Experts

  • Fred-Brooks.jpg Fred Brooks -

    Fred’s research focuses on poverty issues in general, with specific interests in different interventions that work to combat poverty and inequality such as community & labor organizing, social movements and affordable housing. Fred teaches multiple courses including Research Methods, Community Projects, and Economics of Poverty.

  • searcyc.jpg Cynthia Searcy -

    Cynthia S. Searcy is Assistant Dean for Academic Programs and an Assistant Professor of Public Management and Policy, specializing in financial management and budgeting, education policy, and health policy. Prior to joining AYSPS, Dr. Searcy was a research associate for the Center for Policy Research and doctoral candidate of public administration at the Maxwell School… more »

  • sjoquistdl.jpg David Sjoquist -

    David Sjoquist is a faculty member in the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies at Georgia State University. A specialist in the field of public finance, Sjoquist has an extensive interest in urban economics, especially local economic development, central city poverty, and education policy. He has published extensively on topics, such as analysis of public… more »

  • 201208229SAT_AYPS%20-%20Mary%20Beth%20Walker%2000292A.jpg Mary Beth Walker -

    Walker’s research and teaching interests are in spatial econometrics and some semi-parametric estimation and testing. She has worked on applications in a variety of fields, including taxation issues, education, and health care utilization. In addition to her academic research, she has participated in some international public finance work and consulted for AT&T and Bell South.… more »