Technical Assistance Experts

  • bluestonep_0 Peter Bluestone -

    Peter Bluestone is a senior research associate with the Fiscal Research Center and Center for State and Local Finance. He is a Georgia State University Urban Fellows Recipient. His research includes urban economics, static and dynamic economic impact modeling, and state and local fiscal policy. His work includes modeling state and local impacts of policy… more »

  • pandeyl.jpg Lakshmi Pandey -

    Lakshmi Pandey is a senior research associate with the Center for State and Local Finance and Fiscal Research Center. He specializes in working with administrative data and also provides analytical and technical support on research projects, such as welfare to work, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and unemployment insurance for U.S. Department of Agriculture, census… more »

  • 20120828CPR_Carlianne_Patrick_008_0.jpg Carlianne Patrick -

    Patrick’s primary research fields are urban and regional economics, public finance, and economic development policy. Her current research areas include interjurisdictional competition for mobile capital, job creation effects of economic development incentives, public finance impacts on the spatial allocation of economic activity, women’s entrepreneurship, large firm spillovers, and estimation consistency in the presence of unobserved… more »

  • SeamanBruce_WPThumb1 Bruce Seaman -

    A former staff economist and consultant for the Federal Trade Commission, Seaman serves as a consultant in private antitrust, business contractual dispute and civil tort cases. His research includes models of arts industry funding, price discrimination (including legal implications), private and public school choice, cost-benefit analysis and economic impact methodologies, international trade in cultural goods,… more »

  • sjoquistdl.jpg David Sjoquist -

    David Sjoquist is a faculty member in the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies at Georgia State University. A specialist in the field of public finance, Sjoquist has an extensive interest in urban economics, especially local economic development, central city poverty, and education policy. He has published extensively on topics, such as analysis of public… more »

  • streibg.jpg Gregory Streib -

    Greg Streib is a professor of public management and policy in the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies at Georgia State University. His work to date has focused on various aspects of public management and policy implementation, including policy analysis and evaluation; the skill needs of public managers and professionalism in public service; leadership and… more »

  • 20140819MLB_Sally_Wallace_002PSFC_o2-620x868 Sally Wallace -

    Wallace’s principal interests are federal, state, local and international taxation and analysis and intergovernmental fiscal relations. She has consulted widely on tax policy, fiscal decentralization and revenue forecasting and analysis in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakstan, Jamaica, Yemen, and China, and served as resident (Moscow) chief of party for the Andrew Young School’s Russian fiscal reform project… more »

  • wheelerl.jpg Laura Wheeler -

    Laura Wheeler is a Senior Research Associate at the Fiscal Research Center. She received her Ph.D. in economics from the Maxwell School at Syracuse University. Prior to coming to FRC Laura worked for several years with the Joint Committee on Taxation for Congress and as an independent consultant on issues of tax policy. Her research… more »