Participants may register for individual courses, including special two-day sessions. If participants are interested in the certificate program, they also may register for the six main courses at once. Please note: The special sessions are outside the certificate program and do not count toward certification.

Payment is due upon registration; the deadline is 10 business days before the first day of class.

2017-2018 CPFM Program (six main courses, register by July 5, 2017) Registration is closed.
Governmental Leadership: Politics, Communication and Influence (CPFM) July 2017 Registration is closed.
Cost Analysis (Special Session) August 2017 Registration is closed.
Retirement, Risk Management and Procurement (CPFM) September 2017
Government Financial Statements and Accounting (CPFM) November-December 2017 Register 
Debt Management (CPFM) January 2018
Treasury and Investment Management (CPFM) March 2018
Forecasting (Special Session) April 2018
Operating and Capital Budgeting (CPFM) May 2018


2-day special session: $945

3-day course: $1,415

4-day course: $1,880

Certificate in Public Financial Management (CPFM): $8,850 — includes the six core courses

Note: The price for each course includes class instruction, a notebook containing all materials, a light breakfast and afternoon snack each day, and all necessary GFOA texts (varies per class). It does not cover other meals, lodging or transportation.


CSLF offers a 30 percent discount for all public sector employees.

2-day special session:$665

3-day class: $985

4-day class: $1,315

Certificate in Public Financial Management (CPFM): $6,000 — includes the six core courses

For more information regarding refunds, concerns and program cancellation policies, please contact our office at 404-413-0327.