Participants may register for individual courses, including special two-day sessions. If participants are interested in the certificate program, they also may register for the six main courses at once. Please note: The special sessions are outside the certificate program and do not count toward certification.

Payment is due upon registration; the deadline is 10 business days before the first day of class.

2017-2018 CPFM Program (six main courses, register by July 5, 2017) Register 
Governmental Leadership: Politics, Communication and Influence (CPFM) July 2017 Register 
Cost Analysis (Special Session) August 2017 Register 
Retirement, Risk Management and Procurement (CPFM) September 2017
Government Financial Statements and Accounting (CPFM) November-December 2017 Register 
Debt Management (CPFM) January 2018
Treasury and Investment Management (CPFM) March 2018
Forecasting (Special Session) April 2018
Operating and Capital Budgeting (CPFM) May 2018


2-day special session: $945

3-day course: $1,415

4-day course: $1,880

Certificate in Public Financial Management (CPFM): $8,850 — includes the six core courses

Note: The price for each course includes class instruction, a notebook containing all materials, a light breakfast and afternoon snack each day, and all necessary GFOA texts (varies per class). It does not cover other meals, lodging or transportation.


CSLF offers a 30 percent discount for all public sector employees.

2-day special session:$665

3-day class: $985

4-day class: $1,315

Certificate in Public Financial Management (CPFM): $6,000 — includes the six core courses

For more information regarding refunds, concerns and program cancellation policies, please contact our office at 404-413-0327.