Welcome from the Founding Director

20130820CPR_Carolyn_Bourdeaux_032PSFC_o2.jpgWelcome to the website for the Center for State and Local Finance (CSLF). The Andrew Young School of Policy Studies has one of the top-ranked programs in the country in public finance and budgeting. Most recently, the center was ranked 5th in the nation in the 2016 U.S. News & World Report. CSLF was created in 2014 in an effort to build a stronger bridge between our nationally ranked faculty, other scholars in public finance, and the broader community of public finance practitioners at the state and local level.

The CSLF mission is to develop the people and ideas for next generation public finance. Key initiatives include:

  • Developing executive education programs in public finance to provide professional development for the next generation of practitioners in state and local finance,
  • Building technical assistance capacity in next generation technologies for the public sector that include the use of “big data” and improved analytics to better inform policymakers and to better target solutions to public sector problems,
  • Supporting scholarship on critical challenges in state and local fiscal and economic policy, and
  • Building a strong capacity to translate and communicate academic research for the practitioner audience.

Although CSLF is firmly non-partisan, faculty and practitioners from within the Andrew Young School and around the country are invited to share their insights about public policies associated with state and local finance, education finance, economic development and urban policy as part of an open and honest debate about what we know, what we don’t know and whether we are asking the right questions.

The views of these scholars and practitioners do not necessarily represent those of the center-affiliated faculty or its staff but are intended to expose faculty, students, policymakers, and interested members of the state and local finance community to a wide range of ideas. You are invited to learn more and participate in the dialogue through the CSLF blog and social media (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter).

Finally, the center is a spin-off from the highly regarded Georgia State University Fiscal Research Center, largely assuming and building on its report development, technical assistance, and communications role and adding a component of executive education.

The Fiscal Research Center continues to be a rich repository of information, data, and expertise about Georgia tax policy (as well as state and local tax policy in general) making it one of the most highly regarded tax institutes in the country.

Please enjoy visiting the CSLF site, and be sure to sign up on the email list to receive regular updates on new publications, blog posts, and executive education opportunities.


Carolyn Bourdeaux

Founding Director, Center for State and Local Finance